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We steer our ambitions for the future with a constant discussion around our values and vision. It serves as the north star for our actions, our collaboration with clients and partners, and our growth.

What do we mean by "vision"?

Our vision shapes Zeilenwerk's DNA. It should be one thing above all: easy to apply. That is why it consists of exactly one word. Mindfulness.
With a broad experience in technical areas from hardware to web to mobile, as well as a flexible stack of state of the art technologies, we consistently use proven, open-source based frameworks. However, we never forget that technology is a means to an end and think of solutions in a consistently customer-centric way.

This is how we define mindfulness for Zeilenwerk.

We are mindful of others. We treat each other as equals and work together as equals. We take care to treat each other honestly and take responsibility for our actions and our work.

We are mindful of ourselves. We take care of ourselves as human beings. We are calm, mindful of the needs of others and work towards the ideal workplace for ourselves.

We are mindful in our daily work. The products and services we create are well made, meaningful and serve a purpose.

We are mindful of our future. We are ambitious and value our personal and professional development. At the same time, we are adventurous and always on the move for a common future.

Our mission

Zeilenwerk is shaping the digital future with technology and design.

This does not happen in a vacuum, but in projects with our customers and partners. In doing so, we rely on:



Our clients want to work together with Zeilenwerk on real, difficult problems. Both the status quo and proposed solutions are critically and openly questioned!



We create our greatest added value as a partner in the development of strategic innovation projects. Our most successful client relationships last for years!



Our customers think topics and projects into the future with Zeilenwerk, without living in illusions. Together with Zeilenwerk, our customers create the digital future!

What is the impact?

Zeilenwerk is committed to a regenerative, socially entrepreneurial and sustainable business model. We see ourselves as part of society, which we help to shape with our actions as an organisation and as Zeilenwerk employees.

We understand social entrepreneurship as a sustainable way of being one of those service providers who are committed to a positive, digital-human future.

We see ourselves as pioneers who want to digitally accompany socially relevant topics and positively occupy them. We are part of initiatives and active in the discourse around the design of regenerative business models.

We take responsibility for our customers and partners, exclude collaborations in the area of environmental, social or economic exploitation and thus have a positive impact beyond the organisation's own borders.

Stay young stay foolish!

With our passion and ambition for our professions, we are shaping the digital future. In doing so, we are constantly developing our services and needs, developing and testing new solutions and methods.

If you would like to be part of our story as a customer, partner or team member, we look forward to getting to know you: hello@zeilenwerk.ch.

Welcome aboard at Zeilenwerk!