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2021 - Gamified Learning


Zeilenwerk is developing an exciting, interactive and playful teaching aid for the Federal Office of Sport. The aim is to make the topic of safety and accident prevention as attractive and sustainable as possible for athletes.

According to the Federal Office of Sport, the topic of safety and accident prevention in sports is currently hardly dealt with in the training courses for Y+S leaders.

Accordingly, it was necessary to develop a solution that would be able to explicitly sensitize all Y+S leaders to the topic of safety and accident prevention in their sport.

The game works according to a simple and realistic mechanism. How much fun can you have without endangering anyone? The goal of the game is to create a sports camp that is as fun and successful as possible without accidents and injuries.

The Y+S leaders are always exposed to new events, in which there is a greater or lesser risk. The question is simple: "Go or Don't Go? The answer is a "risk wheel" divided into twenty parts of success and failure. Depending on the event, the risk is greater or smaller.

Through the Y+S Safe Camp Check Game, the former participants become directly involved, which promotes and strengthens their involvement with the contents as well as the intrinsic learning process.

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2021 - Mobile App & Desktop App Education


Conception game mechanics and design, user testing and interviews, prototyping, UX/UI design, ideation and design thinking methodology, backend and frontend development, publishing

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