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2020 - Evidence Management System


AMS digitises the entire evidence lifecycle from the issuing of a search warrant to seizure, transport and storage to recovery. Continuous tracing, platform-neutral and quickly integrated into modern IT infrastructures.

Access all managed evidence objects anywhere and at any time? With AMS, evidence management is simplified at every step of the process. Easier, faster, more user-friendly - thanks to the mobile app and modern web interface, investigators benefit equally during searches as employees in the evidence warehouse and in case processing.

The entire life cycle of each evidence object is mapped transparently and comprehensibly. Each object is identified via a QR code and documented by means of photos and detailed descriptions. It is always possible to see where and with whom an evidence object is located and what status it has in the procedure. The solution is introduced within a few months and, thanks to its user-friendly structure, is immediately ready for use by all users. If necessary, individual adaptations can be introduced flexibly.

Preparation & Securing

Opening a case and entering all search-relevant information.

Capture of evidence using mobile phone, camera and QR code.

Completion of the seizure with automatic creation of search protocols and seizure lists.

Procedure processing

Access to evidence objects, as well as their photos and descriptions - anytime and anywhere

Documentation of analyses and changes to the evidence objects can be viewed without interruption

Recording of decisions on evidence objects and triggering of further process steps

Warehouse management

Integrated storage management based on QR codes for evidence objects and storage locations

Evidence objects can be transferred from person to person and back to storage locations using a mobile phone

The status and location of an evidence object is visible at all times

User-friendly management of storage locations

Data & Security

Complete traceability of all mutations

High security through flexible and multi-level
authorisation management

Secure data storage and information exchange through integration into the customer infrastructure
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2020 - Evidence Management System


- User Testing
- Requirements Analysis
- Data analytics
- Web Development
- Mobile App Development

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